There are so many features that can be incorporated into an outdoor living area. Expansive patios, with rooms for dining, another area for soft seating and quiet conversation, a fire feature where guests can sit back into the evening, seating walls that define each area and transition you from one room to the next. However, the heart of any outdoor living space is the Outdoor Kitchen. Like the interior part of your home a well-designed outdoor kitchen will make your outdoor living space one of the most popular areas for family and friends to gather.

Below, is a list of the outdoor kitchen features that will keep your enjoying your patio all year long.

  1. The Grill – The centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen is going to be the grill. You’ll want to select your grill earlier so you can try to match all the other appliances you choose. Also, consider a double-sided grill that allows you to use both gas grilling and charcoal grilling.
  2. Sink – Could you imagine a kitchen inside your house without a sink? Well, an outdoor kitchen is no different. Anytime you’re cooking, you’re going to need access to water.
  3. Refrigerator – Who wants to walk condiments back and forth from inside the house? An outdoor refrigerator will make cooking and hosting so much easier.
  4. Wine or beer refrigerator – There are specialized refrigerators for your favorite adult beverages. If you enjoy a glass of wine or the latest IPA, you may want to add one of these appliances to your outdoor kitchen.
  5. Beer dispenser or Kegerator – If beer is your drink of choice and you like having parties, why not have a beer dispenser, better known as a kegerator.
  6. Dishwasher – Yes, you can have a dishwasher that is especially designed to be outside. Save yourself the effort of hand washing grill items or bringing them inside.
  7. Icemaker – Whether your liked cubed or crushed ice, there are icemakers that you can add on to your outdoor refrigerator.
  8. Warming drawer – Part of the challenge of grilling can be keeping everything hot, especially if you entertain large groups of family and friends. A warming drawer can help you manage timing so everything can be served hot.
  9. Pizza oven – Who wants to heat up their house to make pizza? An outdoor pizza oven is perfect for hot days and nights.
  10. Smoker – Do you have a passion for smoked meats? Smokers are a fun addition to any outdoor kitchen and will make your house the party spot!
  11. Island – This element is so versatile as you can use it as a serving area or have bar stools with extra sitting- this ensures the chef is never too far from all the action.