Do you have a crumbling wooden or poured concrete retaining wall that has seen better days? The professionals at EA Quinn Landscape Contracting can help!

We can help you design a new paver retaining wall that is not only functional, but is also beautiful. Pavers or natural stone are not only more visually appealing than wood, but also last longer. We also can work with you to fix the grading of the lawn or driveway around the wall, and handle any drainage issues you may have. And don’t forget about stairs, walkways and plantings. We have the expertise to help you integrate any of these features. We can also hydroseed your yard to have it looking green!

Check out the before and after images of one of our local Connecticut clients.

Crumbling wooden retaining wall

EA Quinn Landscape Contracting can help you replace your crumbling wooden retaining wall like the one pictured.

Paver Retaining Wall

A paver retaining wall designed and installed by EA Quinn Landscape Contracting.

For this client, we removed the rotted timber walls and installed beautiful Techo-Bloc Mini Creta pavers for the retaining wall with a Techo-Bloc Aged cap. In the photo below, you can see the Techo-Bloc Rocka steps that lead to the Blu60 paver walkway with a Blu45 veneer on the front steps.

mini creta walls with an aged cap installed rocka steps

blu60 walkway and did a blu45 veneer on he front steps

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