The first step in any outdoor kitchen installation is, of course, to create a plan with the customer. Outdoor kitchens come in all different sizes, shapes and styles. You can keep it simple with a just a sink and a grill, or you can add in all the features including a fridge, a pizza oven, a warming drawer or even a kegerator! Basically, any item that you find inside a typical indoor kitchen, you can install in an outdoor kitchen.

Once the design is finalized, we go about preparing the worksite. If a patio needs to be installed, that would be the first step. Next, we need to plan for proper plumbing and electrical, as both are often required for outdoor kitchens.

Next, we begin assembling the pieces, including the grill, the pizza oven – whatever is included in your design. Oftentimes, we use outdoor kitchen kits, which makes the planning and assembly much easier. But we also work with clients on custom designs.

If you are interested in outdoor kitchens, check out our Gallery page for some inspiration!