E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting specializes in the design and installation of Outdoor Living areas that include bringing all the conveniences and comfort from inside your home to the outdoors. Patios with a fire feature, outdoor kitchen and dining area and sometimes a pool and spa area are typical in an outdoor living environment. Each area is thoughtfully designed to enable you, your family and friends to relax, and move freely from one area to next. Once the design is finalized, our designers assist in material selection of either natural stone or pavers to build your outdoor oasis. The final step in the design process is the selection of plants.

E.A. Quinn has experienced landscape designers on staff that can recommend the perfect plantings to complement your hardscape.

Here is a brief list of how plantings can enhance your Outdoor Living design:

  • Texture – Plants offer a delightful variety of physical and visual textures. For example, tree bark has a rough texture, while the lamb’s ear plant is soft. The expert designers at E.A. Quinn know how to include a range of plant textures to enhance your Outdoor Living area’s visual appeal.
  • Color – Of course, flowering plants and shrubs can make a big impact on an outdoor space. Who hasn’t marveled at the beauty of a red rose or a sedum in bloom? We will work with you to ensure the flowering plants we select for your Outdoor Living area come in a variety of shades. We’ll also strategically pick plants that blossom throughout the year for seasonal interest all year long.
  • Divisions – Plantings can also help define an outdoor space. For example, creating a planting bed with a row of shrubs to help separate an outdoor dining room and a quiet seating area. Another option is to use a creeping vine along a pergola to provide privacy, vertical interest and you also have the added benefit of a spectacular fragrance when in bloom.
  • Height – Containers in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors are great accent pieces for plantings and can be placed strategically throughout your Outdoor Living area. In addition to bringing a variety of height, color and texture to the overall landscape, plantings in containers can also be easily updated seasonally for a fresh new look.

When planning your Outdoor Living area, you don’t want to forget about plantings. They will enhance the overall look and feel of your landscape and bring you many years of enjoyment, as you watch them mature over time.