Revamping your outdoor living space with the addition of a pool is a huge investment.  So, why not make sure you have all the right added features to enhance the experience?  Now, more than ever, homeowners are adding custom firepits, waterfalls, grottos, outdoor kitchens, spas, and landscaping that give their pool a one of a kind vibe. What are you dreaming of when it comes to pool design?  Perhaps you are looking for a space that elicits calm and quiet?  Or maybe you want features that keep the kids active all summer long?  You might also want somewhere to entertain your family and friends.  Whatever it is, we have some ideas to get you started. 



A spa is a great addition to any pool because it can be used year round.  It provides an outdoor water feature summer, fall, winter, and spring.  It’s also a wonderful way to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day.  Think about where you want a spa to be located in your outdoor space design.  Some offer a great enhancement situated next to a pool, while others will get more use if they are closer to your back door on a patio or deck.



A shallow ledge is the perfect spot to cool off and relax.  This is a simple add-on to any pool design and can be used not only for adults who want to catch some rays, but also as a play area for small children.  Consider the size of a tanning ledge and where it will work best for you in your new pool.  Are you looking for a small nook tucked away from kids jumping and splashing?  Do you want room for two chairs or four?  What would you like to see across from a tanning ledge that will give you a gorgeous view and help add to your experience?



Grottos are growing in popularity among homeowners installing pools.  They add a distinctive flair to any design and can be a fun addition for families and couples alike.  For kids, this is the ultimate hideaway.  Imagine having a cave in your own backyard to share secrets with childhood friends or dream up something fun and exciting on your own?  For adults, a grotto is a great conversation piece among guests and will wow even the toughest dinner party critic.   Grottos come in all forms.  You can choose to do a simple rock formation with a waterfall for aesthetic appeal or create something more complex, such as a cave that people can swim in, sit, and relax.



Illuminating space with custom lighting will set the mood for your space when the sun goes down.  Standard white or color changing lights in or around the pool are fun ways to extend swimming into the late night hours and make for a safer swimming experience when it’s dark.  Lighting up trees, stairs, walls, or walkways are a great way to draw attention to all of the surrounding details.  A pool is a considerable investment.  Adding lights will allow you to enjoy it both day and night.



Water features provide benefits to the whole family.   For parents, the soothing sound of water trickling down rocks provides a natural source of relaxation while poolside.  For kids, a waterfall is another source of entertainment that can keep them cool during the hottest summer days.  There are multiple ways to incorporate a waterfall into your pool design with several different materials from which to choose.  Big or small, a waterfall is the perfect addition to any pool.



  1. Choose a contractor that is familiar with zoning laws. There are different regulations for each city and town. Make sure they understand how it works in your town before moving forward with a large-scale, expensive project such as a pool.
  2. Adding an automatic pool cover will not only help cut down on pool maintenance, but also keep kids and animals safe when you’re not home.  It can be pricey to add a cover, but worth it for some families.  It will keep the pool clean and prolong chlorine.
  3. Determine why you are installing a pool.  Do you want to exercise or entertain?  The answer to this question will help designers create the right layout and style of pool.
  4. Speaking of style…this is important.  Different styles require more or less maintenance, energy, and chemicals.  Consult with your contractor and pool designer about which style best suits your lifestyle.


If you are looking to start designing your dream backyard with an inground pool, our designers are waiting for your call.  Contact E.A. Quinn today: 860.633.0115