Are you considering having an outdoor kitchen installed in your backyard patio? Here are a few things to consider:

Location, location, location!

Where is the best spot for the outdoor kitchen? If you are going to be hosting large parties and cooking for big groups, you want to be sure that you have an easy flow from the house to the outdoor kitchen.

You also want to be sure that it is positioned in a way that you can still see what’s going on. No one wants to be the cook if it means missing all of the fun.

Options, options, options!

The options that can be included in an outdoor kitchen are nearly endless. You can keep it simple with a nice grill, but you can also add a refrigerator so there is always a cold one available. More elaborate outdoor kitchens include storage draws, trash barrels, side burners, sinks, umbrella holders, etc. Pretty much anything you want, we can build it.

Gas Hook up

Changing out a propane tank is not a hard thing to do, but if you have natural gas or propane at the house, why not hook your outdoor kitchen up to that line and never have to worry about running out?

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