outdoor living ct

E.A. Quinn’s specialty is in creating one-of-kind Outdoor Living areas for a client’s backyard that reflects their style, manner in which they entertain and also relax!

Outdoor Living brings all of the conveniences that you have inside your home outside!

Common features of an Outdoor Living area include:

  1. Paver or natural stone patio: The patio itself defines the space and provides a visually appealing and inviting area for you, your guests and your family to gather. The patio can have different “rooms” a dining area, soft seating for conversation even and an Outdoor Kitchen!
  2. Outdoor Kitchens: They say the kitchen is the heart of any home and that includes your outdoor kitchen! Kitchens can include a grill, sink, refrigeration, under counter storage, even an island with seating so the chef is never far from where the action is.
  3. Fire pits and fire features: A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can serve as a conversation area for spending time with your friends and family late into the evening. Fire features also extend the use of your outdoor space, giving you a warm place to hang out in the chilly evenings of early spring and late fall.
  4. Poolscapes: A pool is a must-have ingredient for any outdoor living space. Pools are great for kids as well as adults. The designers at E.A. Quinn can help you integrate a pool into a complete outdoor living space that includes water features, hot tubs, slides and plantings.
  5. Lighting: Can provide a whole new dimension to your outdoor living area. Correct lighting techniques will highlight important features and create the perfect amount of drama for a unique outdoor environment.
  6. Sound Systems: You will love the enhancement of a professionally installed outdoor entertainment system. Play your favorite music from a discreet rock speaker or enjoy watching your favorite ball game on our weather proof TV, all of which is easily controlled through your mobile device.

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