Meet Kyle Doolittle, E.A. Quinn’s Sr. Estimator and Project Manager

People are a big part of the E.A. Quinn experience. When you work with E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting, you are working with seasoned professionals that have the knowledge and expertise in meeting tight deadlines on complex projects.


One of the key individuals at E.A. Quinn is Kyle Doolittle, our Senior Estimator and Project Manager. Kyle has more than 20 years of experience within the estimating, project management and business development disciplines. Kyle is a graduate of Delaware Valley College and holds a bachelor’s degree in ornamental horticulture.


As a Senior Estimator Kyle is responsible for and oversees the estimating and procurement functions for the EA Quinn organization. From both an estimating and procurement perspective, Kyle’s abilities allow for some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Kyle also functions as the Project Manager on several larger scale projects, with the oversight of a very well disciplined and professional on site staff, consisting of a supervisor, foreman and experienced installation crew.


We routinely hear from Contractors that the heightened level of communication and information (content and quality) we provide is “second to none.”

What General Contractors are saying about working with E.A. Quinn and Kyle Doolittle
“EA Quinn provides a team approach to working with other subcontractors. Always willing to help out in an effort to get the job done on time. Pleasure to be involved with on a job.”
–              Dwayne
“It’s great working with E.A. Quinn. Communication is clear inter office and in the field. Schedules are held and deadlines are met. What makes the real difference for me is when they go the extra mile, whether that means making last minute changes or going above and beyond at the site to make a grand opening, grand. We look for and they are, partners on our projects.”
–              Mark
“I have used E.A. Quinn since first working with them in 2007. They pay attention to detail, and their professionalism is second to none. If the client isn’t happy they will always make it right and stand behind their materials and workmanship. In thirteen years of doing work for me, never once have they wavered or taken shortcuts. They are the best landscaping company I have worked with.
–              Robert

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