Can you believe it has been one year since the start of this pandemic?  And, if the last 12 months have taught us anything, it is to enjoy our surroundings.  During that time, homeowners have sought new ways to make the most of their dwellings.  A transformation of outdoor space is at the top of that list!  Backyards are now serving as office space, small family reunion or wedding venues, happy hour gatherings, or just a comfy spot to relax!  Here are some of the trends taking center stage for outdoor living space in 2021.


Homeowners are getting creative with how they spend their time outside.  It has become their go-to for connecting with family and friends.  Creating an outdoor space that can be used regardless of the temperature will allow you make the most of this investment.  Firepits or an outdoor fireplace are a great way to extend the use of your backyard throughout the year.  Or adding a pergola or pavilion with the installation of permanent heating in the ceiling is another way to keep the space warm and cozy.


Work from home is the new norm, which means homeowners are looking for additional space to give them a change of scenery during the weekdays.  Integrating technology with comfort is a great way to create a designated outdoor office space.  Some of the latest trends in achieving this are access to WiFi and electrical outlets, lighting that keeps you productive, heaters to stay warm during the fall and winter, or fans to stay cool in the summer.


Water features help create a true oasis just outside your door.  The installation of pools and spas continue to be a trend driven by the pandemic.  For many homeowners, this also means adding a kitchen or bath for convenience while they enjoy their new pool.  Whether you are thinking about an elaborate pool project or something simpler, don’t wait!  Design and construction can take months, so start the process now if you are looking to enjoy your own pool this summer.


There is now a greater demand for complete transformation of backyard living.  Homeowners are no longer looking to purchase just a patio or walkway.  They want it all.  They want a full-service space that allows them to work, play, entertain, and enjoy family-time.  In many cases, creating a resort-style backyard has replaced travel to exotic places.  Installing a pool means adding a kitchen for convenient access to food and drinks.  Many homeowners are adding a firepit with a sitting wall for full immersion in the experience.  An outdoor space with all the amenities offers families the ultimate staycation.


What’s better than landscaping that looks like it was created by Mother Nature herself?  Gardens with a whimsical, natural feel create a sanctuary for homeowners to connect with their outdoor space.  Adding plantings that require little care, but look beautiful regardless of their growth, is a great way to help the space blend with the natural surroundings.


Simple, elegant designs using pavers or natural stone is the perfect way to highlight different areas of your outdoor space.  Changing patterns can showcase a transition between a kitchen and a pool or a firepit.  Adding a border can add dimension and is an easy way to give your patio a more finished look.  E.A. Quinn specializes in both paver and natural stone installation. For your project, we have some of the finest masons in the business who are true craftsman.

We are huge advocates of creating designs that are tried and true.  We use materials we know will work for homeowners.  Our installers pride themselves on quality and precision for every project.  Call 860.633.0115 or visit our contact us page to start designing the outdoor space of your dreams.