Why pavers might be right for you

This pool patio features Ideal Yankee Cobble Vineyard Blend pavers. The ornamental grass is Japanese Bloodgrass.

Besides the added value and visual appeal to you property, it takes a relatively short time to accomplish a low maintenance, weather resistant wall, walk or driveway. Colors, shapes and patterns make it easy to customize the job to complement the existing landscape and home.

The increased use of interlocking concrete pavers is creating definite improvements in the design of driveways, patios, walkways and walls. All of them go beyond the standard broom-finished bland concrete that will turn gray and crack.

Pavers overall offer the lowest life-cycle costs in comparison to other paving products such as asphalt, poured concrete, and stamped concrete. Pavers are easily maintained by regular sweeping and occasional rinsing. Tough stains can be pressure-washed with appropriate cleaning solutions or simply spot cleaned with a brush, cleaning solution and water.

Pavers, if needed, can be removed if there is an issue under them that needs to be addressed, and restored to their original state without looking at an ugly patch on asphalt or cracks that need to be filled in with concrete.

For residents of the Northeast, pavers resist the deterioration of freezing and thawing cycles and de-icing salts better than asphalt and poured-in-place concrete. The beveled or chamfered edges of pavers prevent plows, shovels and snow blowers from catching on the edges. They are almost indestructible!