How much does blown mulch cost?

Having your mulch blown-in, rather than spread by rake, is increasing in popularity in Connecticut and other parts of New England. Not only is mulch blowing fast, efficient and neat, it can also be affordable.

The key factors in determining the cost of blown mulch are:

  1. Material. Not all mulches are created equal. Some are going to be more expensive than others. Depending on your needs and the application of the mulch – for example, playgrounds often require special, IPEMA certified mulch – the cost may vary.
  2. Location. Your location in relation to our headquarters may impact the cost. However, even if you are a distance from Glastonbury, still reach out to us. We travel to all corners of the state regularly and we can often schedule mulch deliveries to coincide with other jobs in your the area.
  3. Quantity. The quantity of the mulch is going to by a primary factor in the cost. In order to estimate the quantity, we’ve developed a simple online mulch calculator. This takes into consideration the area you need covered with mulch as well as your desired depth. We generally recommend a minimum of 1 inch and a maximum of six inches.

If you have any questions about how to estimate the amount of mulch you need along with the cost of having your playground area or plant beds mulch, please contact us.