Last year E.A. Quinn’s clients were focused on creating sanctuaries in their outdoor living spaces and we anticipate this trend to continue into 2020. Clients are recreating all of the favorable elements inside of their home, into their outdoor living spaces that reflect their own style and comfort. The goal is often to create different rooms throughout the back yard that allows for relaxation and ease when entertaining.  Additionally, clients are seeking outdoor living spaces that are low in maintenance.

Some of the most popular features include:

  • Outdoor Kitchens that have grills, refrigeration, storage, sinks and seating for guests. These elements are popular as they make entertaining family and friends easier. There is no need to run back into the house with everything outside!
  • Fire Features-fire places and fire pits are one of the most requested features. They invite family and friends to gather and spend time together, creating memories. The trend is to have natural gas or propane inserts installed to eliminate smoke, carrying fire wood. You just turn it on and off with ease when you are ready to relax.
  • Patios and Pool Scape Material: There are so many materials to choose from!  The price differential between pavers and natural stone is starting to narrow and it creates even more to choose from.
  • Porcelain is becoming more popular for outdoor living spaces. You can create more elegant formal look that is stylish and resilient. There are many colors and patterns to select from.
  • One of the newer trends for patterns is planking. Whether that be with plank pavers (narrow), natural stone planking or even porcelain planking.
  • Heat Solutions: Continuing the Trend of doing less.  Our customers are looking for alternatives to shoveling snow and Radiant heat is a perfect solution. It can easily be installed when installing walkways, patios and even paver driveways!


Color Schemes

  • Patios: Customer this year consumers chose color schemes that had grey in them. Forecasting that this is expected that to continue into 2020.
  • Accent color Indigo: From a soft summer sky to the deep mesmerizing sea, indigo is the season’s color of choice. And it is not just for plants, expect to see indigo in containers, pots, pillows and other outdoor decor.