Are you looking for a new outdoor living patio space? Are you building a pool but don’t know what surface to choose for your pool patio? Or are you considering a patio renovation?

If any of these questions apply to you, you’ve been faced with a very important decision. What material do I choose for the patio? Bricks? Pavers? Natural stone?

Patio materials range in style, durability, price and shape. More specifically, we will discuss the differences between concrete pavers and natural stone.



First, let’s look at the upside of pavers for your outdoor living space. If you’re looking at your upfront expenditures, pavers are a low cost option as compared to natural stone. Pavers are less difficult to install, so they are typically priced more competitively. In terms of appearance, pavers clearly have the best advantage due to the tremendous variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles from which to choose.

From permeable pavers, which allow stormwater to pass through them, to the more traditional ones, pavers have proved their versatility and worth over time. In modern day Italy you can still see the large, flat stones the Romans laid centuries ago to create their streets and courtyards. It’s an impressive testament to the longevity of pavers.

Natural stone

Now, there are also advantages to using natural stone. First and foremost, natural stone has natural beauty and character that changes with age and that paver manufactures will never be able to duplicate.

Also, natural stone offers you a much higher return on investment. How? Due to natural stone’s timeless look and longevity, the higher initial investment is paid for in value over time. In contrast, pavers tend to go out of style over time as new products are introduced into the marketplace. One of the biggest differences is pavers tend to need continual maintenance (i.e. power washing, re-sweeping, etc.) where natural stone weathers and wears more gradually.

What’s right for you?

Now that we’ve reviewed the difference between pavers and natural stone, the question still remains: What’s the right surface for your poolscape, patio, walkway or driveway? That depends on your needs, your budget and how long you plan to live at the property. And there’s also the simple look of pavers versus natural stone. You might just really like a particular paver shape and color or the hue of a specific piece of natural stone.
No matter your tastes or budget, the experts at E.A. Quinn can review the benefits and costs of pavers versus natural stone with you as they help plan your next hardscape project. Contact us to get started now, or check out our pages on pavers and natural stone for more information and inspiration.