There are many beautiful lake communities in Connecticut – from Lake Terramungus in Marlborough to Candlewood Lake in Fairfield County. There’s a real joy to living on the water and having the chance to swim, boat and fish at the drop of the hat. But what many people don’t realize is that lakefronts often present special challenges when it comes to landscaping. Below we review some of the elements of landscaping for CT lakefronts that waterfront homeowners should considered.


Grade changes – Many lots along lakes and other waterways, including the Connecticut River and the Long Island Sound, have significant grade changes from the house to the water. Most often, the land slopes down to the water. This is great for drainage, but can present a challenge for enjoying the backyard. At E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting, we’ve worked with numerous lakefront and waterfront homeowners on developing plans to install retaining walls and patios to help level portions of waterfront lots.


Environmental concerns – When you live on the water you quickly understand the impact of run-off when it rains. That’s why many lake communities and towns have rules around what types of products residents can use on their lawns. At E.A. Quinn we are very familiar with what lawn treatments can be used on waterfront properties to keep the grass looking green while also preserving the quality of the water.


Drainage – Where the water goes is always a concern for homeowners, but it can be particularly tricky along waterfronts. Permeable pavers are great for drainage, and at E.A. Quinn we have experience installing specialized draining systems under patios to help manage runoff and limit erosion.


Wetlands and flood plains – Waterfront homes are often part of the flood plain, which is an element that any landscape design must take into account. In addition, wetlands often benefit from certain native plants that can help keep the water clean and attract the right kind of wildlife. At E.A. Quinn, we can help an invasive species you may have along your lakefront property and help you install more beneficial plants.