E.A. Quinn joins builders’ trade group

E.A. Quinn Landscaping recently joined the Associated Builders and Contractors of Connecticut (CT ABC).

Here are some details on CT ABC:

CT ABC is a membership association and is the recognized advocate and defender of Merit Shop contractors and addresses the unique challenges of over 210 members. Merit Shop is free enterprise – the belief that all construction contracts should be awarded to the lowest responsible, qualified bidder based on merit, regardless of the company’s non-union or union affiliation. We are a voluntary membership organization working to support and advance the entire construction industry. Our membership is diverse; ranging from some of the largest and most established firms in Connecticut to new firms who have just entered the commercial and public construction market, along with a variety of Supplier and Associate Members that consistently support the construction industry.

Merit Shop Contractors account for over 80% of the construction industry in Connecticut and 86% of the industry nationwide. As a Chapter of ABC National, our membership of over 210 members are afforded an effective voice in the political system at the local, state and federal levels. Nationwide, ABC has more than 21,000 member firms spreading over 69 Chapters.