One of the most popular Outdoor Living Ideas right now is the fire pit, or fire feature. Stone Fire pits are an amazing way to increase the amount of time you spend in your back yard, but they can be much more than just a simple stone circle. Fire pits come in all sizes and shapes today and can use a variety of fuel sources. Here are some of the hottest fire pit design ideas we’ve come across:

Geometric shapes

It’s hip to be square when it comes to fire pits. While the traditional circular fire pit is still in demand, more and more clients are asking for a square fire pit. This type of shape can complement the surrounding landscaping and provide visual interest.

Outdoor fireplace

Add a chimney to your fire pit and you’ve got an outdoor fireplace. The advantage of an outdoor fireplace is that it directs smoke up and away from you and your guests. It really gives you the cozy feeling of an indoor fireplace and can keep you warm on your patio well into the winter months.

Turn on with the touch of a button

There is nothing like the crackling of a wood fire. However, starting and maintaining a wood fire can be a full-time job. Many of our clients opt for a gas-powered fire pit, using either propane or natural gas. With this type of fuel source, you can turn on your fire pit with the touch of a button and focus on entertaining rather than stoking the fire.

Built-in bench seating

Many of our landscape designs include bench seating around a fire pit. This can be a beautiful and low-maintenance option for your outdoor space. Coupled with some soft seating options, you can host any number of people around the fire, from two to 20!

Natural stone

You can use any variety of materials for your fire pit, including pavers. But natural stone is increasingly popular because it is long-lasting and visually stunning. Our designers can walk you through the pluses and minuses of choosing natural stone, including granite or bluestone.

Want more fire pit design ideas? Visit our online photo gallery. When you are ready to get started on your fire pit design, contact us!