How to get the most out of a landscape contractor on a job site

tree installation ct

At E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting we routinely work with General Contractors and Site Managers on landscape installation projects. Through our experience working throughout the state of Connecticut, we’ve identified some key factors that ensure a smooth and efficient installation.

  1. Timing is everything. The best scenario is to have a job site that is ready for a landscaping crew, meaning topsoil is placed and filled to the appropriate level. It’s also helpful to get curbs in and binder down. For example, in order for trees to be set properly, finished curb heights need to be established and topsoil should be placed and sub-graded. Getting these elements in place before a landscaper arrives on the site will mean a much quicker and more thorough installation, which is satisfying for all the contractors involved.
  2. Set completion dates with your landscaper. One of the things we hear most is “the landscaper always slows us down.” Depending on the size project, agree upon a start and completion date with your landscaping contractor based on their size and how fast they plan to install the project. Remember, not all landscape contractors are created equal. It’s also a lot easier to stay on schedule if you’ve brought the landscaper into the process of creating the timeline.
  3. Think about the trees. Many projects we work on involve tree installation, and with this element timing and planning is everything. Once the trees are delivered to the job site, the clock starts ticking. Each day that goes by where trees aren’t in the ground, the chances of the plants’ survival is diminished. We also recommend that contractors have a place for the trees to be stored that is safe from heavy equipment and other interference.
  4. Consider phasing the landscaping. Some landscaping elements, if installed too early, can be damaged as other trade work continues. Sometimes it makes sense to break up the landscaping portion of the job, saving the most delicate elements for the end so that they are in the best condition for the job’s completion. A good landscaper will be happy to work with you on figuring out the best way to choreograph the installation with all the other job’s elements.

If you want more information about the work we do for General Contractors and Site Managers, visit our landscape construction page or contact us.