Everyone loves a good fire.

Increasingly, people want to live in homes with outdoor living spaces and these spaces can increase the value of the property and outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for entertaining guests and relaxing after a long day.

But did you know that there are also many benefits to having an outdoor fireplace? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding an outdoor fireplace to your home.

  1. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, even in winter!
  2. It’s an ideal place for family and friends to gather for quality time.
  3. You can use it as a focal point for entertaining or relaxing in an outdoor setting.
  4. An outdoor wood fireplace doesn’t smoke up your house like an indoor fireplace
  5. It provides a cozy ambiance.  Everyone loves to stare into a fire.

Whether it’s camping with family and friends, or huddling up around the fireplace or woodstove at Christmastime, we are attracted to the warmth and ambiance of a fire.

outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplace with adjacent seating and storage.

While traditionally indoor fireplaces have been a feature to help warm a home, outdoor living spaces are great for natural gatherings!

An outdoor fire pit incorporated into your landscape can bring a warm ambiance to your family and friends anytime of the year, without having to travel and pack up to go camping, and without heating up the inside of the house in the summer. In fact, outdoor gas fireplaces are a great feature to accent the overall landscape of your property and can be an extension of your home.

If you invested a lot into your patio and it only gets used a few months out of the year, an outdoor fireplace can help extend the use of that patio into the cooler weather.

There are a variety of types and options to consider when planning to install a fire pit. You can opt for the prefab variety available at many home improvement stores, or you can go for something more custom that’s integrated into your landscape. That’s where the professionals at E.A. Quinn come in!

A built-in fire pit can be designed into your outdoor patio. You can use a variety of materials from concrete, stone or pavers. And there are many options when it comes to shapes – a custom fire pit can be square, circular, rectangular or something more creative.

Check out our fire features to see examples of the stone fire pits and stone fireplaces we’ve installed for customers and start planning your fire pit today!