We couple the latest technology with our landscaping expertise to form plans that not only help the environment, but also provide cost savings opportunities.
Below we outline some of the measures we are currently undertaking for corporate clients in Connecticut.
Lawn & Construction Debris Recycling: We remove all lawn debris from every property after every job, recycling 98 percent of material we collect.
Low-Emissions Vehicles: We are always incorporating new vehicles that meet new emissions requirements. All new diesel vehicles (and equipment) are Tier 4 compliant.
Electronic Equipment: Our crews are equipped with electric weed whackers, hedge trimmers and push mowers. The benefit is zero emissions and no dependence on fossil fuels.
Robotic Mowers: We are now rolling out the use of cutting-edge Robotic Mowers. They offer savings due to the lower labor cost as well as a decreased need for fertilization.
Fertilization: The Fertilizers we use require fewer applications, are temperature sensitive, and release nutrients over time. The result of implementing our fertilization program is green grass with high turf density, which helps keep weeds down, reduces insect damage and protects against disease.
Water Management: There are a range of technologies that we recommend and install to help our corporate clients conserve water while keeping turf and plants healthy. Some of our most often used conservation tools include: smart controllers; weather stations; pressure-regulating valves and heads; and backflow preventers.
Seed Mixes: We have identified several grass seed mixes that are less dependent on water and that require less mowing.
Green Features: We have helped design and install a number of “green features” for our corporate and commercial clients that add property value and benefit the environment. Some examples of these features are: green roofs, green walls and green facades.
Wetlands Management: Our extensive experience in developing and managing wetlands includes creating habitats to support insects, reptiles and fish as well as removing invasive species to protect natural wetland habitats.
If you want more information about the work we do for commercial property owners and managers, visit our commercial landscape maintenance page or contact us.