One of the most common questions E.A. Quinn has heard from potential clients is: How much does a pool patio cost?

Every pool patio E.A. Quinn designs and installs are customized to each clients’ needs, resulting in a wide range in potential investment levels for every patio installation.  Following is an outline of a number of factors that impact the various levels of investment:

  1. The size and shape of the pool: A large, free-form pool will likely require more intricate cuts to the pavers or natural stone, which translates into a higher labor and material cost. A rectangular pool will likely require a lessor number of intricates cuts and as a result a more moderate cost.
  2. The size and shape of the patio: You can have a small pool with a large patio, or a larger pool with a smaller patio. It depends on your needs, how you utilize the space for entertaining, etc.   The incorporation of an existing patio or deck into the design will also impact cost.  The location of the pool in relation to the home has an impact.  The answers to these questions and others, will have an impact on the level of investment.
  3. Material choice:A. Quinn Landscape Contracting installs both paver and natural stone patios. Pavers are typically a lessor investment, since they are produced in quantity at uniform sizes and shapes. Natural stone, which includes flagstone, bluestone, granite and other natural materials are a higher level of investment, as a result of both material and labor costs associated with natural stone material.  The landscape designers at E.A. Quinn will walk you through the pros and cons of pavers verse natural stone, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.
  4. What outdoor living elements are you including: Some may only want a patio to surround their pool, while others may want outdoor living features added. Features such as: custom fire pits, sitting walls, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, pergolas and plantings.  The more elements incorporated into your outdoor living oasis will directly impact the level of investment.
  5. Yard slope or grade: A. Quinn specializes in the design and installation of retaining walls to allow for a pool installation no matter what the grade of your back yard may be.  If your yard slopes, we can make a pool patio work, inclusive of any outdoor features you may have in mind.

We hope that the above helps you better understand the aspects that impact your Outdoor Living Plan and the factors that affect the various levels of investment.  To assist with the process we utilize a detailed Needs Analysis which helps our customers through the process of identifying the must have items and materials for their Outdoor Living project.  Please contact us today for assistance in creating your Outdoor Living experience and start making memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime.