Some Connecticut residents worry that a pool patio will only be used during the late spring and summer, when the weather is ideal for spending time outdoors.

But a well-designed pool patio can extend your enjoyment of the outdoors beyond the warmest times of the year into the fall and the winter. Below is a round-up of elements we recommend to our pool patio design clients in CT to make sure they can use their backyard even as the temperature starts to drop.

  1. A spa or hot tub – As the summer ends and fall begins, you’ll find that you can use your spa even if you don’t want to use your pool. Many people enjoy their hot tubs more in the winter, which means you can get year-round use out of your pool patio.
  2. A Fire Pit – The absolute must-have element to complement any pool patio design is a fire pit. You’ll find that you can enjoy your fire pit beyond the fall and into winter. Even if it’s not warm enough to swim, you can enjoy looking at the pool while lounging by the fire pit.
  3. A covered outdoor kitchen with bar seating –A pergola or some other covering for an outdoor kitchen will ensure that you can use your pool patio well into fall and winter in Connecticut. And with attached bar seating, whoever is doing the cooking on the grill or outdoor stove top can converse with guests or family that are sitting nearby.
  4. Lighting – The right outdoor lighting can transform your pool from a place to swim to a place to relax, even if it’s too chilly for a swimsuit.

There are many possibilities when it comes to designing a pool patio. If you want to get started on your pool patio project, contact us for a free at-home consultation! You can also visit our gallery of pool patios to get ideas for our project.