There is a misconception that landscaping work only transpires during the Summer months, although in fact the Fall is a perfect time to get started on your backyard transformation.  Below are some thoughts and rational to start your Outdoor Living plan this Fall:

1. Fresh Memories:

  • What areas of the backyard do you utilize the most?
  • What areas did you avoid, but would like to utilize?
  • What do you like about other outdoor spaces you have visited (friends & family)?
  • Fall is a great time to reflect on what you’d like to see included in your outdoor living plan and work with an E.A. Quinn designer to make it happen.

2. Weather: The fall is a great time to be outdoors, with less humidity and heat. As a result, you will feel more comfortable with an E.A. Quinn designer walking your property and discussing what features you’d like to include in your outdoor living plan.

3. Timing: Finalizing a landscaping design with E.A. Quinn in the Fall, will place you onto E.A. Quinn’s Spring calendar.  Weather depending, we will get started on your installation in April, potentially allowing you to enjoy your new Outdoor Living area by Memorial Day.  Waiting until the Spring to give us a call will result in an installation over the summer months, delaying your enjoyment until the latter part of the Summer.

Contact us today to get the process started on the backyard of your dreams.