Selecting a commercial landscape contractor with the following attributes and experience is crucial for a properly maintained landscape, a favorable experience and an enhanced value. With EA Quinn as your landscape contractor you can expect the following:

1. Communication

Customers are assigned an account manager with direct contact information. Your account manager will be available to you and your team 24/7.

2. Proactive

We utilize a continuous improvement philosophy with our goal being to build an intimate knowledge of the property. We strive to anticipate our clients’ needs and address them in a timely manner.

3. Cost conscious without sacrificing quality

We take a practical and fiscally responsible approach to all of our customer’s property maintenance needs.

4. Sustainability

We are trained in the latest sustainability techniques. We partner with property owners to help them reach their sustainability goals.

5. Safety

All employees must pass a background check and a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening. Employees attend weekly safety meetings and are all OSHA-10 certified. EA Quinn also has the lowest possible workers’ compensation experience mod rating (EMR).

6. Highly trained staff

Employees frequently attend seminars on best practices, latest trends and proper equipment use. Our knowledge and attention to detail outpaces the competition.

7. Professionalism

Employees are dressed in uniforms. All trucks and equipment are branded and easily recognizable.

8. State of the art equipment

Both our reoccurring investment in new equipment and skilled team operating un-der a preventative maintenance philosophy, translates into 99 percent uptime. When issues do occur our mobile service truck is dispatched and on site to rectify the matter immediately.

EA Quinn approaches each property on an individual basis, which commences with a personalized strategy focused on each clients short-term and long-term objective. To learn more, click here.

Now is the time to commence with the process and to contact E.A. Quinn for the 2020 spring season.