How much does a retaining wall cost?

Natural stone retaining wall ct

So you want a retaining wall and you want to know how much it cost. Unfortunately, there’s no a simple answer. The cost of a retaining wall is going to depend on several key factors:

  1. How big is the retaining wall? Size matters. The bigger the wall, the bigger the investment in site prep, labor and materials.
  2. What is the condition of the area where you want the retaining wall? Is the ground sloped? A little or a lot? Are there trees, bushes or rocks that need to be moved out of the way? Will a drainage system need to be integrated with the wall? The answers to these questions will help the estimators at E.A. Quinn give you a better sense of the cost.
  3. What material do you want to use? Do you want natural stone or is a precast concrete paver good enough? The type of material will also change the investment level on the project.
  4. What other elements do you want to incorporate with the retaining wall? Sometimes people just want a retaining wall to help level out a sloped yard. Other times a retaining wall is just one element of a much larger project that might include a poolscape or outdoor living area. Depending on what elements you want alongside the retaining wall, your budget for the project will change.

If you can answer the above questions then you should be able to get a relatively good idea of the budget of your project. If you are interested in working with the expert designers at E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting on a retaining wall for your Connecticut property, contact us today! If you want more information about retaining walls by E.A. Quinn, click here. You can also browse photo examples of retaining walls that we’ve designed and built here.