One of the hottest features of an outdoor living design that clients of E.A. Quinn Landscaping are asking for is an Outdoor Kitchen. On hot summer days, it’s divine to cook outside. Not to mention having guests over. Nothing beats having everything you need, from running water to refrigeration, right outside next to your grill.

We’ve compiled a list of our outdoor ktichen must-haves that you might want to consider as you plan your outdoor kitchen.

1. The Grill – This is a no-brainer. The grill, most often gas, is the center piece of any outdoor kitchen. Our designers often use the grill choice as the kicking off point for the design.

2. Refrigerator – Part of the hassle of a cooking outdoors is often the effort it takes to run back inside to grab condiments and other cooking ingredients from the refrigerator inside the house. An outdoor refrigerator that can be small to large will make your outdoor kitchen the best place to cook in the spring, summer and fall.

3. Pizza oven – Homemade pizza is delicious, but cooking it inside is impossible when it’s hot out and the results can be uneven on a gas grill. A pizza oven that’s integrated into your outdoor kitchen is a fabulous additional feature.

4. Beer dispenser or Wine fridge – No matter what type of adult beverage you prefer, there is an outdoor appliance available to keep your drinks cool.

5. Sink – Why schlep dirty plates inside? Clean outside with an outdoor kitchen sink so you never have to leave the party

6. Bar seating – It’s no fun cooking by yourself! Bar seating is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen design because it will encourage your family and guests to hang with whoever is doing the cooking, or the cleaning up!.

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