Outdoor living is one of the buzziest buzz words in the landscape design industry, and that’s no exception for landscape design in Connecticut. An outdoor living space is all about extending your living space to the outdoors. Rather than just having a patio with a table and chairs, an outdoor living space aims to create the convenience of the indoors to the outdoors. We’ve put together a list of the key elements of any outdoor living space. Keep this in mind while you are planning your outdoor living area!

1. A patio: The first and primary element for an outdoor living space is the patio, because it really sets the parameters for the project and the tone. You’ll also want to consider what material you want to use for your patio. A concrete paver sets a very different tone from natural stone. Once you have the material and size of your patio set, you can move on to integrating other key elements of an outdoor living space.

2. The outdoor kitchen: Cooking outdoors is a central part to most Americans’ lifestyles. A well-designed outdoor kitchen is going to make grilling fun and expand your options. For example, you don’t just have to integrate a grill with a counter area. You can also include a sink, a pizza oven or a kegerator! There are so many options for outdoor kitchens.

3. Seating: There are so many seating options for outdoor living spaces. Beyond the traditional patio table and chairs, you can include bar seating (attached to your outdoor kitchen) as well as informal sitting walls around fun fire features.

4. Fire features: One of the most popular fire features is the first pit. But you can also include an outdoor fireplace. Fire features are one of the mainstays of outdoor living spaces because they extend the use of the outdoors into the chilly fall and winter seasons. They are also great a bringing people together.

5. Pools and hot tubs: While not a requirement of an outdoor living space, a pool and/or a hot tub is a wonderful addition to an outdoor living area.

If you area looking for inspiration, check out our Outdoor Living photo gallery and contact us for a free estimate.