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Thin and bare spots in a lawn detract from your landscape’s overall beauty. Hydroseeding eliminates those spots with new growth that blends in with your healthy grass.

E.A. Quinn uses the latest technology to grade your lot and prepare your property for hydroseeding, which is fast becoming the most popular choice for residential lawn renovations.

The benefits of hydroseeding include

  • More cost-effective than sodding
  • Quick and easy, one-step spray application of nutrient-rich mix that includes seeds, wood fiber and various additives to create the ideal microenvironment for maximum growth the first time
  • Creates a mat of interlocking fibers that results in thicker, uniform growth because of this micro-greenhouse effect
  • Safe and non-toxic to children, pets and the environment

Additional Installation and Renovation Services

  • Lawn diagnosis
  • De-thatching and core aeration
  • Lawn renovations to completely replace existing grass

What People are Saying:

  • After a very hot summer, I realized I would need a new lawn. Your process of removing the old lawn with a sod cutter, new top soil and hydroseeding was excellent. In just under three weeks the lawn in beautiful.

    – Michael

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