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Paver Driveways
What’s the first thing visitors notice when they arrive at your home? It’s probably the driveway. And an asphalt driveway has its limits. They can be difficult to maintain and they don’t add a whole lot of visual appeal. But a paver  driveway made with interlocking pavers adds a timeless elegance to any home, while it also provides additional benefits of longevity and strength. Pavers come in an array of colors and shapes and can be laid in many different patterns or custom designs.

The benefits of a paver driveway include:

  • Flexible joints between each paver mean no cracks
  • Targeted repairs of specific areas without re-doing the entire driveway
  • Lower maintenance costs in money and time
  • Your driveway will last for decades with the pavers’ durability

Our professionals can work with you on a custom design that adds to your home’s curb appeal. We work with a variety of concrete paver shapes and colors for paver driveways. The options are limitless when it comes to a paver driveway designed and installed by E.A. Quinn Landscaping!

Scroll down for some examples of paver driveways we’ve installed for customers in Connecticut.

More about Paver Driveways

Don’t assume a paver driveway is out of your budget. Our blog post on the factors that play into the cost of a paver driveway will help you get an idea of whether a paver driveway is a project that you can take one.

Once you decide you want a paver driveway, it’s time to consider the various types of pavers that are available on the market. We’ve got a blog post that will help you decide which type of paver is the right one for your home landscaping project.

Ed, just wanted to thank you for an exceptional experience working with yourself, Tony and your crew!

– Edward

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