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Pool Patios
Whether your pool is square, oval or something in between, E.A. Quinn Landcape Contracting can help you design and install the perfect pool patio that will not only be visually appealing, but functional as well.

E.A. Quinn has experience using a variety of materials to craft custom pool patios, from concrete pavers to natural stone.

Why use pavers or Natural stone for a pool patio?

  • Pavers and natural stone provide a slip-resistant surface that keeps your time by the pool safe and fun.
  • Durability is a hallmark of pavers and natural stone. They can hold up through even the toughest Connecticut winters.
  • There’s no need to tear up the whole patio if one section needs repair.

How does E.A. Quinn design a pool patio?

First we meet with the homeowner to talk about what your want for your patio. Some common questions that we ask to create the perfect design are:

  • Are you building a new pool, or are you enhancing the landscape around an existing pool?
  • How do you plan to use your pool patio?
  • Do you want to incorporate Outdoor Living elements such as: a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a pergola, soft seating, retaining walls?
  • Do you want to use pavers or natural stone for your patio?

What other elements can I include with my pool patio?

At E.A. Quinn, we’ve come up with many creative pool patio designs for our clients in Connecticut. Beyond simply picking a paver or natural stone type, we can discuss with you whether you’d like to include any of the following items in your plan:

  • Waterfalls
  • Hot tubs or spas
  • Basketball hoops
  • Volleyball net
  • Outdoor lighting
  • TV
  • Sound systems

Scroll down to see examples of some of the pool patios E.A. Quinn has designed and installed for our clients.

More about Paver and Natural Stone Patios

Before you start planning a pool patio, you’ll want to have an idea of what type of material you want to use. There are two basic categories for pool patios: Pavers and Natural stone.

We have an in-depth blog post that explains the differences between pavers and natural stone. Start here to begin your planning process. If you are intrigued by the possibility of using natural stone, check out this blog post, which goes into the specific natural stone options for a pool patio.


First, let’s look at the upside of pavers for your pool and surrounding area. If you’re looking at your upfront expenditures, pavers are a low cost option as compared to natural stone. Pavers are less difficult to install, so they are typically priced more competitively. In terms of appearance, pavers clearly have the best advantage due to the tremendous variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles from which to choose.

Natural stone

Now, there are also advantages to using natural stone. First and foremost, natural stone has natural beauty and character that changes with age and that paver manufactures will never be able to duplicate.

Also, natural stone offers you a much higher return on investment. How? Due to natural stone’s timeless look and longevity, the higher initial investment is paid for in value over time. In contrast, pavers tend to go out of style over time as new products are introduced into the marketplace. One of the biggest differences is pavers tend to need continual maintenance (i.e. power washing, re-sweeping, etc.) where natural stone weathers and wears more gradually.

Your quality of work was unbeatable. Your attention to detail and communication made it a wonderful experience with a magnificent end result.

-Megan & Chris

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