Retaining Wall Ideas for CT Homeowners

Retaining wall ct

Do you have an area of your yard that slopes? You may want to consider a retaining wall to help give you more usable yard, or to make your landscape more visually appealing.

Retaining walls can be used in a variety of ways in a landscape design. Here are some examples:

Front walks

It’s quite common for homes in Connecticut to have a slope running from a driveway to the front door. A retaining wall combined with steps and a walkway can make your home’s entrance more functional as well as more beautiful. Plantings are often combined with the wall, walkway and steps to give the home added curb appeal.


Unless you have a perfectly flat backyard, you’ll likely need to include at least some retaining walls to give yourself a level area for an inground pool. We work with homeowners to come up with the best solutions for pool patios that give you the most usable space possible while also offering seating space and outdoor living options.


We’ve worked with clients on tiered retaining walls to turn a hill into a series of flat areas that are connected by stairs. We can use natural stone or pavers depending on your preference or budget. Again, plantings are a lovely addition to help prevent erosion while also providing visual interest.


Retaining walls can also double as a sitting wall. This functionality is particularly useful around a fire pit or inground pool.

Want more inspiration when it comes to retaining walls? Visit our Retaining Wall page. Once you’re ready to start planning your project that includes retaining walls, contact us.