Thanks to supporters of our annual holiday fundraiser

Thank you for your generous donations to our annual fundraiser supporting Covenant to Care and kids that are in need. We appreciate the continuing support from so many of you through the years and welcome to the new donors.

We hope you are enjoying the greens and poinsettias, as well as knowing you’ve helped a child enjoy the holiday season. Below is a list of those who participated:

Aida Cypers
Alis Bires
Catherine Gagnon
Christine Rafala
D & R Service Center
David Joslin
Billings Media Blasting LLC
E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting
Elizabeth Bartron
Fran Knights
Gil Spencer
Gina Gority
Gina Robinson
Glastonbury Rotary
Ian Race
Jeremy Grieveson
Joan Monty
John Slogesky
Joseph Goneac
Jung J. Park
Kathy Ramondetta
Kelly Hunt
Kim Malz
Kyle Doolittle
Libby Strough
Mark Leech
Mary Pallos
Mary Young
Marylou Draghi
Matthew Bagshaw
Mega Mechanical
The Bakery Connection, Inc.
Paper Roll Supplies
R Doucette Services
Richard Jensen
Rita Bagshaw
Robert Landfear
Sam Lombardo
SCT – Glen Lochen
Sheryl Viola
Silvester Space Services
T.J. Quinn
Tony Intino
Tony & Shirley Marone
Meg & Mike Myers
Glastonbury Rebuilding
Ed & Laura Quinn & Family
Quinn & Company