If you’re thinking about an Outdoor Living area for your backyard, there is one element that you won’t want to skip: a fire feature.

Fire features are often one of the central pieces of any Outdoor Living area that E.A. Quinn designs and installs. With the combination of styles, sizes and fuel types, E.A. Quinn’s experts can help you find the perfect fire feature for your outdoor oasis. Below we take you through some of the basic elements you’ll want to consider when selecting a fire feature. If you want more information, please contact us!

Types of fire features:

Fire pit – Fire pits have come a long way. E.A. Quinn specializes in customized fire pits that are typically built into a patio. We can design and install a fire pit of any size and shape, whether you are looking for a traditional circle, or if you are interested in a more contemporary geometric shape. The key benefit of a fire pit is that it offers a gathering place that encourages conversation. You can also choose to build your fire pit from a variety of materials, including pavers and natural stone. For a truly unique look, you’ll want to consider natural stone.

Outdoor fireplace – If you’d like a more traditional fireplace feel even when you’re outside, an outdoor fireplace might be a great choice. The key difference between an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit is that with a fireplace, you typically sit in front of the structure, as opposed to around it. Fireplaces also feature chimneys, which help direct the smoke from the fire up and away from guests.

Fuel sources for your fire feature:

Wood – The classic fuel source is of course, wood. The benefit of wood is that it is readily available and affordable. A wood-fired feature reaches all five of your senses. There’s the smell of the wood and smoke, the sound of the crackles and pops, and the heat of the fire on your skin. However, some people choose alternate fuel sources because they don’t like smoke generated by wood fires.

Gas – If you are looking for less fuss and mess, a gas-fueled fire feature may be the best choice for you. Both natural gas and propane systems are available that can be turned on with a push of a button. In addition to less mess, gas systems also allow you to control the heat level.

Seating options around your fire feature:

If you’re talking about a fire feature, you’ll also want to consider what seating options you have.

Built-in seating – One very popular option with E.A. Quinn’s clients is to include a sitting wall around a fire pit. These elongated benches are not only functional, but are also aesthetically pleasing. They can also be part of a retaining wall that helps level out a sloping yard.

Soft seating – Patio furniture has come a long way from your grandparent’s folding chairs! Soft seating can include loveseats as well as couches, which are perfect for cuddling in front of a fireplace.

Want to know more about integrating a fire feature in your backyard this fall? Contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.