Tired of spreading mulch? Call EA Quinn for to schedule your mulch installation today!

Lugging bags of mulch from the store to your flower beds and then spreading the mulch can take up an entire weekend. Save time and energy by calling E.A. Quinn to have our experts install mulch with our specialized mulch-blowing equipment.

How does  work?

E.A. Quinn has a mulch-blower that spreads 30 cubic yards of mulch per hour. That is an average, and the amount of mulch spread can change based on the type of mulch or the conditions of the planting bed. We have a selection of mulch colors for you to choose from and our extra-long hoses allow us to blow mulch into hard-to-reach beds.

How much mulch do I need?

If you have a rough measure of the area or areas that you need to cover with mulch, you can use our online mulch calculator to estimate the total. Then, contact us and we can give you a price estimate.

Why is mulch important?

Mulch is attractive, but it’s also good for your landscape! Mulch helps keep moisture in, which means you’ll have to water your landscape less. Mulch is also natural, and it breaks down, providing nutrients to the soil and your plants.

Who do you provide mulch blowing services for?

We provide mulch-blowing services for homeowners, commercial property owners and managers, daycares, schools as well as municipalities. In addition to mulch blowing for plant beds, we also provide IPEMA-certified mulch for playgrounds. We do have minimums for mulch blowing. Please contact us for details.