COVID has changed the way people spend their time and money.  Upgrading outdoor living space is now one of the most popular ways to improve a home in 2020, but we‘ve been talking about the rise of the outdoor space since 2011.  In fact, when we won Harford Magazine’s Best Of Award that year, we knew that turning a backyard into a sacred spot for relaxing, spending time with family and friends, or just enjoying time outdoors would be the next best thing.  And it is!

We’ve seen a number of trends in outdoor space designs for 2020 and the theme seems to be in the details. Literally.  Although the most visible parts of the project are important, it’s the finishing touches that make the space.  Here are some things people are adding to their designs this year.

  1. OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING: Backyard kitchens, bars, and dining areas are the #1 request by our customers for upgrading backyard space. TVs and surround sound systems are the best way to kick things up a notch.  A TV can give Sunday football a whole new look or provide the perfect mix of cozy and inviting to catch up on your latest binge in your outdoor seating area.
  2. FIRE FEATURES: Get creative with outdoor fire feature designs! Whether you choose a fire place or fire pit, use stone to blend into the natural background, or find a design that matches your style (ultra-modern, minimalist, or sophisticated), a unique fire feature can showcase your personality and be a great conversation starter.
  3. OUTDOOR WORKSPACE: There is a new demand for a designated outdoor workspace as more people work from home or e-learn. Shade and power are the number one priority. A covered or screened-in porch or pergola keeps the space cool during hot days and conveniently located power outlets ensure devices are charged.  Ideas to enhance the space include a refrigerator for easy access to food and drinks or new landscaping to beautify your surroundings.
  4. AMBIENT LIGHTING: Create the right mood with lighting. Adding lights to stairways, stone walls, or borders illuminates the space and showcases unique elements of outdoor design such as stone, wood, or patterns.
  5. PERGOLAS: Pergolas have literally stood the test of time. They are believed to date back to 1400 B.C.!  Add one to your outdoor space for a new level of sophistication and dimension. As an added bonus, they provide just the right amount of sunlight without the glare of a blazing hot, sunny day.

Remember, outdoor living space can be designed for any size or style home.  Whether small, big, complex, or simple, it is the best way to give yourself a mini-vacation in your own backyard!  To learn more about how to transform your space, contact our outdoor design expert: Fran Knights at 860-633-0115.