Pavers aren’t new, but they are constantly evolving. Forget the simple red brick or basic octagonal shape. Pavers today come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. When E.A. Quinn works with our outdoor living design and installation clients, we help guide them through all the variety of paver choices and help them find a look that suits their tastes.

New shapes

One of the hottest trends with pavers right now is new shapes. Longer rectangular pavers are hot right now. One example is the Borealis Slab from Techo-Bloc, that is not only a modern rectangular shape, but also has a wood-grain-like design.

New textures

In addition to pavers with new shapes and sizes, natural stone can provide amazing texture for your hardscape project. Some of the natural stone options includes granite, bluestone, flagstone or slate.

Mix and match

Finally, many of E.A. Quinn’s clients are opting to mix and match to achieve a more sophisticated look. Take the walkway pictured below, which has an accent edging.

Paver walkway with edging ct

This custom paver walkway features contrasting edging for a sophisticated look.



































We also routinely see our clients opting for granite steps along a paver walkway or bluestone caps along sitting walls or retaining walls.

The options are truly endless when you are planning a patio. If you are overwhelmed by the choices, contact E.A. Quinn today!