When you are planning a patio, you have a lot of material choices. At E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting, we specialize in the use of natural stone.

Here is why we love natural stone:

Affordability – While natural stone (which can include bluestone, flagstone, fieldstone, granite or cobblestone) may require more of an investment initially when compared with concrete pavers, the durability that natural stone offers means it will last longer. Think about cobblestone streets in Boston. Those stones are from colonial days! Natural stone can survive New England winters and summer heat.

Care & maintenance – Natural stone, when installed and sealed properly, requires very little maintenance.

Visual appeal – Nothing beats natural stone when it comes beauty. The color choices of natural stone blend so well with outdoor environments. Also, natural stone is available in a wide variety of sizes, from rough-hewn to geometric.

Safety – If you have a pool, natural stone can be a great choice because it is naturally slip-resistant.

Timelessness – Natural stone is never going out of style. While paver shapes and sizes change with the seasons, natural stone was popular with the Ancient Greeks (think marble columns) and is popular with 21st Century Americans.