Working outdoors is in Scott Pinney’s DNA.  He started mowing lawns when he was just 7 years old after a few of his neighbors asked his dad if Scott would mow their lawn.  He did not know this at the time, but he was laying the groundwork for some incredibly valuable life lessons:  WORK HARD. BE HONEST. SAVE MONEY.

He has used those exact lessons throughout his life to build an impressive career and personal life.  At just 24 years old, he bought his first house in New Britain where he still lives today with his wife, Jamie, and their dog Corbin (AKA ‘the best dog ever’ according to Scott).

Professionally, Scott gained experience in multiple facets of the landscape industry over the years, getting licensed when he could and learning everything from residential to commercial maintenance.  It was important for him to grow and always strive to be better.  Seven years ago, he signed on with E.A. Quinn as the Landscape Maintenance Manager.  That means he oversees everything from cleanup to mowing and fertilization to irrigation and repairs for both residential and commercial accounts.

But perhaps Scott is best known to his co-workers for simply being dependable, dedicated, and honest.  Nothing speaks more to these qualities than a project he worked on last year. When a current client asked E.A. Quinn to bid on some additional services that included parking lot maintenance and repair work, Scott and his team kicked into overdrive.  They showcased how they could not only handle the unique challenges and requests of this project, but also provide them with more value in the future by allowing their client to work with just one company and their preferred vendor.  Scott’s hard work helped prove that E.A. Quinn truly is a one-stop-shop type of business.

Scott’s favorite part of his job is the E.A. Quinn team.  He is repeatedly impressed with the goals each person puts forth and accomplishes year after year, how they always figure out a solution to every challenge and make it work.  His commitment to the company is unwavering and it is something we know every company strives for in their employees.  We are so proud to have Scott as one of our own.