Paver driveways are one of the most popular features E.A. Quinn Landscape Contracting designs and installs for its customers. They are desired mostly for their curb appeal. But did you know that paver driveways can be nearly maintenance-free in the winter?

In the photo above you can see a heat mat laid out before the installation of a paver driveway for one of our customers in Farmington, CT. Heat mats come in two types: electric and hydronic. Electric, as the name implies, uses electricity to heat the pavers to keep snow or ice from accumulating. A hydronic system uses a combination of water and antifreeze. Both systems require sensors for gauging outside temperatures and moisture levels.

You can also choose whether you want automated or manual controls. An automated system will run nonstop when certain weather conditions are met. This is a “set it and forget it” type system. A manual system, on the other hand, will only run when you turn it on. This can cut down on costs, but it means you have to be home and paying attention to the weather to prevent snow or ice build-up.

Heat mats are laid out on the driveway’s bedding layer, just below the pavers. Visitors to your home will never know you have a heat system in place – unless it snows, of course!

Want more information about how a heating system under a paver driveway would work? Contact us today! Or browse our paver driveway gallery for inspiration.