An outdoor kitchen is the key feature we hear from clients that they want to incorporate in their outdoor living spaces. An outdoor kitchen can really transform your experience of the outdoors, allowing you to have fun while you cook. Rather than running in and out of the house to grab things from the indoor kitchen, a fully stocked outdoor kitchen allows you to cook and socialize with your guests. It’s a must-have this summer!

Below we list the key outdoor kitchen elements that EA Quinn’s landscape design customers request:

1.The Grill

Of course, the centerpiece of every outdoor kitchen is the grill, whether gas or charcoal, or both! And don’t forget to consider a smoker, which can be incorporated into the design!

2. A sink

Cooking can get messy. So why pile dishes and pots or pans up to bring them inside? A sink can make cooking outside a much more pleasant experience.

3. A refrigerator

Why not keep the regular items you cook with, along with your favorite beverages, chilling in the refrigerator outside. Refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and can easily be incorporated into your outdoor kitchen design.

4. Bar seating

An outdoor kitchen design should take into consideration the social nature of backyard cooking. Bar seating along the grill and kitchen set up allows you and your guests to relax while the food is cooking.

5. Lighting

Lighting features built-in to the outdoor kitchen can be functional, allowing you to see as the sun goes down, but can also add a touch of ambiance.

Those are just our top five, but you can also include a pizza oven, stove top or outdoor fireplace,